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How does the "car network" encounter the "hacker" security problem?
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As an important node of the Internet of Everything, the car is no longer an independent mechanical entity, but a super-powerful mobile terminal, but the security risks that come with it are increasingly prominent. At the Third World Intelligence Conference held in Tianjin, the topic of “black” was triggered by the conference. Unlike computers and mobile phones, if a car is "black", it will lead to information leakage and damage to property, which will endanger personal safety. So, how to solve the security problem in the era of Internet of Vehicles?
The car is "black" is not a movie scene
The car network was hijacked by hackers and it was not just a scene in the movie. In reality, information security incidents have occurred in the field of intelligent networked vehicles. According to the "2018 Intelligent Networked Automotive Information Security Annual Report" released by 360, in the past year alone, there have been 14 intelligent networked car information security incidents, including 5 data breaches and 9 car cracking incidents.
According to industry insiders, after hackers discovered that there is a loophole in the embedded embedded operating system or vehicle hardware and software, they use a variety of different system vulnerabilities to carry out attacks through complex technical means, so that they can steal the vehicle, but they can partially control the driving state. car. As Tesla, the leader of the intelligent network car, there have been 150 cars that have been hacked and stolen.
Xin Kezhen, chairman of Unicom's Zhiwang Technology Co., Ltd., said that China is the world's largest auto market and the world's largest mobile Internet market. The combination of the two makes China naturally have a fertile Internet of Vehicles. As the open connection of vehicles has gradually increased, data exchange between related equipment systems has become closer, and Internet security threats such as network attacks, Trojan viruses, and data theft have gradually penetrated into the field of vehicle networking.
Why is the car easy to be "black"?
The reporter learned that many manufacturers are now deploying Internet cars, and they have subtly shifted people's attention to consumption, entertainment, and practicality, and there are few questions about car safety risks.
Zhang Yanan, director of the software testing department of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., said that automotive information security currently faces ten major risks, including unsafe cloud interfaces, unauthorized access, backdoors in the system, unsafe vehicle communication, The vehicle network has not been safely isolated.
"Unscrupulous people can invade the server to tamper with the data content and destroy the hard disk data through the risk of these vulnerabilities; enable the car to open the door, power on, ignite, etc. if the owner does not operate the car; cause the car entertainment system firmware through the exposed debug port Attacked and extracted, etc." Zhang Yanan said.
"The problem of car networking is left in the process of combining the car with the Internet, but the hidden dangers of security vulnerabilities will cause pains and lessons. This is the consequence of the low investment and insufficient attention of the automakers." An industry insider admitted that Some car dealers are still old-fashioned, only paying attention to traditional security and neglecting information security.
Zhou Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of 360, believes that “everything needs to be interconnected and everything is programmable.” This means that the physical world and the virtual world have been opened, the boundaries between online and offline are disappearing, and attacks from cyberspace will penetrate virtual space. Directly affect the security of the physical world. Coupled with the development of the Internet of Things, networked smart devices can grow by as much as 10 billion, and each smart device can become an entry point for attacks.
How to say "no" to hackers in the era of car networking
“China has carried out network security testing and evaluation, and guided relevant testing organizations to build vehicle network security testing and verify the environment.” Fujing Advertising, the director of the Network and Data Security Division of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the relevant departments are aimed at autonomous driving and vehicle Safety inspection of parts and components, as well as inspection and evaluation of the Internet of Vehicles platform, and prevention of the risk of sensitive data leakage such as illegal control of location information.
Fu Jingguang said that in order to ensure the healthy development of the vehicle networking industry, the relevant state departments will promote the integration of key equipment of the vehicle networking network into the national network key equipment safety testing and certification system, and accelerate the construction of monitoring and early warning, information sharing, emergency response and other mechanisms for vehicle network security. Standardize the disclosure of vulnerabilities and continuously improve the level of situational awareness and emergency response.
Some netizens believe that although there is no accident that has been caused by the use of loopholes, it is hoped that it will prevent problems before they happen. For the safety of the Internet of Vehicles, all aspects of technology, vehicle management, industry laws and standards need to be further improved.
Gao Hesheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., said that automobile information security is crucial, but the information security field as a whole faces problems such as insufficient talent capacity, lack of technology and shortage of tools. The development of intelligent networked automobile industry has been affected to a certain extent. influences. With the continuous development of “new four” (ie, electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing), public opinion sharing and analysis will become an important means to solve automotive information security problems. (Reporter Zhou Runjian Fu Guangyu)