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Quality control
Production Process
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Digital display hardness tester machine

Inspection link

Vulcanizer Machine

Tensile Testing Machine

Permanent compression skew tester

Vertical cold resistant bending

Thermostatic oil bath machine

Aging tester machine

Surface pressure test machine

Neutral salt spray tester

Electronic specific gravity machine

Shore hardness tester machine

Oil seal rotating performance

Mooney viscosity tester machine 

Roller type abrasion machine

Oil seal lip tension tester machine

Inspection Process
During production ,Inspectors will check semi-finished products , ensure product process and make the defective rate control in a reasonable range.
Product Inspection
Mold Inspection
Die Mold development finished or after cleaning ,we will check the full size of the mold ,ensure quality for each cavity's product.
Material Inspection
Testing for all raw materials before storage, and provide the raw material of relevant reports, report and raw material properties with comparison, two of reported values, can storage.
Quality Department will check product appearance for each batch.
Quality Control
Optical Sorting Machine ensure products  appearance.
Product Full Inspection